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Atlas Edge Server

Ensure that your connected infrastructure’s apps and devices are always in sync.
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Atlas Edge Server illustration.
What is Atlas Edge Server?
Atlas Edge Server is a MongoDB instance with a sync server that can be deployed on local or remote infrastructure, enabling real-time sync, conflict resolution, and disconnection tolerance. This helps ensure that mission-critical applications and devices function seamlessly, even with intermittent connectivity.View documentation
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Eliminate network congestion

With Edge Server you can configure documents to only synchronize fields that have changed, saving bandwidth and ensuring that your most important data is transferred to Atlas.
An image of a document exchange between laptop and mobile device.

Keep your environment functional, no matter the location

Your edge clients will run even with intermittent connection to the cloud, preventing interruptions to crucial operations, such as inventory management and point-of-sale.
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Make quick decisions with real-time data

Process data where it is generated to reduce latency and enable quick insights without relying solely on your central database.
Atlas Edge Server diagram.
Atlas Edge Server in action
Using Atlas Edge Server in local environments helps ensure that edge clients are always functional and in sync.

Real-time sync

Ensure that data across edge clients and locations remains consistent and up to date in real time, enabling instant access and decision making.


Disconnection tolerance

Reduce disruptions to critical operations and synchronization, even with intermittent or unreliable network connectivity.


Conflict resolution

Prevent inconsistencies that may happen when edge clients attempt to update the same data simultaneously.


Data ingest

Accelerate write speeds and efficiently capture and store crucial data, while mitigating processing overhead.


Atlas Device SDKs

Connect with popular languages and frameworks using MongoDB drivers or our Atlas Device SDKs.


Privacy and security controls

Protect your data with encryption at rest and in transit, and fine-grained access controls to manage user permissions.

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What is “the edge”?
"The edge" refers to the geographical or logical point in a network where data is generated, processed, and collected. It is the closest point to the data source or receiver, whether it's a device, sensor, or user.
What is an edge client?
Edge clients are any devices, sensors, machines, or applications that interact with the data at the edge before transmitting it to a central location.
How does Atlas Edge Server differ from Atlas Device Sync?
Atlas Edge Server is a local instance of MongoDB that can sync to the cloud. Atlas Device Sync is a cloud-based service that facilitates synchronization between edge clients and the cloud.