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Alpha Release

This SDK is currently offered as an alpha release. We encourage you to try out the feature and give feedback. However, be aware that APIs and functionality are subject to change.

The MongoDB Realm Flutter SDK enables client applications written in Dart for the Flutter platform to access data stored in local realms.

Local Realm Database Only

The Flutter SDK currently only supports local Realm Database. You cannot use the Flutter SDK to connect to MongoDB Realm application services or use Realm Sync.

The alpha version of the SDK supports the following Realm features:

  • Create Realm objects
  • Retrieve, query, sort, and filter Realm objects
  • Update Realm objects
  • Delete Realm objects
  • Implement change notifications

Because this is an alpha version of the SDK, functionality is limited and there are specific configuration considerations:

  • The alpha version of the SDK enables working with a local-only (on device) Realm database. Realm Sync functionality is not yet implemented.
  • The SDK doesn't have built-in functionality to interact with MongoDB Realm application services.

To start using the MongoDB Realm Flutter SDK in your Flutter application, see Install Realm for Flutter to add the Flutter SDK dependency and then check out the Quick Start.

In addition to using Realm with Flutter, you can also use Realm with projects that just use Dart, like a CLI application or web server.

The usage for Realm with Dart is the same as the Flutter SDK, except you must install and set up a separate package.

Learn how to set up Realm in your Dart project.

Explore the reference documentation on

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