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Backup Process

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  • Backup Definition and Operational States
  • Backup Process Flows
  • Regional Backup

Backups depend upon which version of MongoDB your database is compatible. This Feature Compatibility Version ranges from the current version to one version earlier. For MongoDB 4.2, the FCV can be 4.0 or 4.2.

Each backup is defined as a job. Each job defines how much and how often data is backed up. Backup jobs are defined on a per-project basis.

The following table lists the states of a backup job:

Once backup jobs are active for a project, they run without further intervention until they are stopped or terminated. The operator can change the state of a backup in the following ways:

Once created, a backup job goes through the following process flow:

You can assign backup jobs to Deployment Regions to promote data isolation. When you assign a backup job to a deployment region, Ops Manager writes all snapshots, oplogs, and sync data that the job generates to the relevant storage configured for that region. Regional backup is available for replica sets and sharded clusters. To enable regional backup for a sharded cluster, you must assign deployment regions and initiate backup jobs for each shard separately.

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