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Deployment Regions

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  • Click Add New Deployment Region.
  • Configure the deployment region.
  • Click Confirm.

Ops Manager supports backup regionalization, which allows each cluster or shard to read from and write to snapshot stores in a region you choose. To enable regionalized backup, you must configure deployment regions. You then bind backup resources such as snapshot stores or backup daemons to these deployment regions.

The deployment region page lists all available deployment regions, and allows you to define new deployment regions.


Regional backups ensure storage isolation of cluster data backup. Backup metadata, monitoring, and other Ops Manager data not related to the specific cluster backup data can still move across regions depending on your Ops Manager deployment configuration.

To ensure data isolation during restore procedures, you must execute restores only against endpoints in that deployment's configured deployment region. This requirement applies when you restore replica sets and sharded clusters, as well as queryable restores.

To fulfill backup data sovereignty requirements, you must ensure that you configure all backup and restore endpoints correctly and a user doesn't request an operation that causes backup data to move across regions.

To further protect against unintentional cross-region backup or restore, consider configuring network restrictions for your data centers.

To define a new deployment region:


In the Set up a Deployment Region window, provide values for the following fields:

Deployment ID
Unique identifier that references this deployment region in configurations.
Ingestion Endpoint
Ops Manager instance to which the Backup Agent writes snapshot or oplog data.
Restore Endpoint
Ops Manager instance that serves restore requests.
Queryable Proxy Server Endpoint
Ops Manager instance that serves Queryable Backup requests.
Deployment Description
String that describes the purpose of the deployment region.
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