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This page starts with the System Overview, a dashboard that lists the following statistics about this Ops Manager instance:

Active Projects Number of projects that have active MongoDB Agents.
Total Projects Number of projects that have been created.
Total Users Number of users that have been created.
Enabled Hosts Number of mongod and mongos processes being actively monitored.
Total Page Views Number of page views served over time.
Diagnostic Archive Link to download the Diagnostic Archive for the Ops Manager instance in .tar or .zip format.

Following the dashboard, three tabs contain the following data:

Servers Hosts that serve the mongod, mongos, and MongoDB Agents for the Ops Manager instance and the MongoDB databases that it manages and monitors. Each replica set has a unique color across hosts.
MongoDB Processes List of MongoDB databases that this Ops Manager instance manages and monitors.
System Warnings Global Alerts that monitored MongoDB databases return to the Ops Manager instance.