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MongoDB C# Analyzer

The C# Analyzer is a tool that helps you understand the following aspects of your MongoDB .NET/C# driver code:

  • How your code translates into the MongoDB Query API

  • If your code includes unsupported LINQ or builder expressions

  • How your POCO instances serialize to JSON format


Roslyn Analyzer

The C# Analyzer is a Roslyn Analyzer. To learn more about Roslyn Analyzers, see Overview of Source Code Analysis from Microsoft.

The C# Analyzer can analyze the following groups of .NET/C# driver expressions and classes:

View the following guides to learn how to install and configure the C# Analyzer and how to use its features:

To view known issues with the C# Analyzer's current functionality, see the Known Issues page.

To view answers to frequently asked questions, see the FAQ page.

To view the differences between versions of the extension, see the What's New page.

For further support, see the Issues and Help page.

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