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Known Issues

We are consistently working to improve the MongoDB Analyzer, but we have identified certain issues with its current functionality. If you identify an issue that is not on this page, see the Issues & Help page for instructions on how to get help or report the issue.

Visual Studio for macOS does not have the Error List window feature. If you are using the MongoDB Analyzer in Visual Studio for macOS, you will not be able to see output from the MongoDB Analyzer, such as MongoDB Query API translations, in one location.

The MongoDB Analyzer provides only partial support for Search builder methods and other Atlas Search features. The MongoDB Analyzer cannot analyze code that uses any of the following features:

  • The Compound() method

  • The Range() method

  • The Equals() method with number parameters or parameters of type ObjectId or DateTime

  • The Facet() method

  • The GeoShape() method

  • The GeoWithin() method

  • The MoreLikeThis() method

  • Calling the Near() method with a parameter of type DateTime

  • Calling the Wildcard() method with multiple field definitions

  • Calling Search builder methods with parameters of type SearchRange, SearchFuzzyOptions, or SearchScoreDefinition

  • The SearchMeta() method

  • The SearchPath builder

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