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Update a Document

You can update a document in a collection by using the UpdateOne() method.


Read the Usage Examples to learn how to run this example.

The following example performs the following on the restaurants collection:

  • Matches a document with a specific _id

  • Creates a new field in the matched document called avg_rating with a value of 4.4

coll := client.Database("sample_restaurants").Collection("restaurants")
id, _ := primitive.ObjectIDFromHex("5eb3d668b31de5d588f42a7a")
filter := bson.D{{"_id", id}}
// Creates instructions to add the "avg_rating" field to documents
update := bson.D{{"$set", bson.D{{"avg_rating", 4.4}}}}
// Updates the first document that has the specified "_id" value
result, err := coll.UpdateOne(context.TODO(), filter, update)
if err != nil {

View a fully runnable example.

After you run the full example, you can find the following updated document in the restaurants collection:

// result truncated
"_id" : ObjectId("5eb3d668b31de5d588f42a7a"),
"name" : "Green House Cafe",
"restaurant_id" : "40372112",
"avg_rating" : 4.4

For an example on how to find a document, see Find a Document.

To learn more about replacing documents, specifying query filters, and handling potential errors, see Modify Documents.

To learn more about update operators, see the MongoDB update operator reference documentation.


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