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Insert Multiple Documents

You can insert multiple documents into a collection by using the InsertMany() method.


Read the Usage Examples to learn how to run this example.

The following example inserts two documents in the haikus collection:

Non-existent Databases and Collections

The server implicitly creates the necessary database and collection when you perform a write operation against them if they don't already exist.

coll := client.Database("insertDB").Collection("haikus")
docs := []interface{}{
bson.D{{"title", "Record of a Shriveled Datum"}, {"text", "No bytes, no problem. Just insert a document, in MongoDB"}},
bson.D{{"title", "Showcasing a Blossoming Binary"}, {"text", "Binary data, safely stored with GridFS. Bucket the data"}},
result, err := coll.InsertMany(context.TODO(), docs)
if err != nil {

View a fully runnable example

After you run the full example, you can find the following inserted documents in the haikus collection:

"_id": ObjectId("..."),
"title": "Record of a Shriveled Datum",
"text": "No bytes, no problem. Inserting a document. In MongoDB"
"_id": ObjectId("..."),
"title": "Showcasing a Blossoming Binary",
"text": "Binary data, safely stored with GridFS. Bucket the data"

For an example on how to find multiple documents, see Find Multiple Documents.

To learn more about inserting documents, see inserting documents.


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