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Delete a Document

You can delete a document in a collection by using the DeleteOne() method.


Read the Usage Examples to learn how to run this example.

The following example matches documents in the movies collection in which the title is "Twilight", deleting the first document matched:

coll := client.Database("sample_mflix").Collection("movies")
filter := bson.D{{"title", "Twilight"}}
// Deletes the first document that has a "title" value of "Twilight"
result, err := coll.DeleteOne(context.TODO(), filter)
// Prints a message if any errors occur during the operation
if err != nil {

View a fully runnable example.

After you run the full example, it removes the following document in the movies collection:

// result truncated
{ "_id": ObjectId("..."), ..., "title": "Twilight", ... }

For an example on how to find a document, see Find a Document.

To learn more about deleting documents, see Delete Documents.


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