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Release Notes

To learn more about changes and updates between versions, you can read the release notes published with the driver source code.

Learn what's new in:


Upgrade to Version 1.11.3 or Higher

Versions 1.11.0 through 1.11.2 of the driver have been retracted because of a bug that could cause undefined behavior when reading the Raw field on database error types, such as CommandError and WriteException.

Upgrade to version 1.11.3 or higher if you are using a retracted version of the driver.

New features of the 1.11 Go driver release include:

  • Removal of support for MongoDB versions 3.5 and older.

  • Removal of support for Go versions 1.12 and older.

  • Improvements to Timeout API and behavior, including:

    • Modified retry logic for greater application resiliency.

    • Extended mongo.IsTimeout error helper to catch more timeout errors.

    • New GridFS methods that take contexts instead of using SetReadDeadline and SetWriteDeadline.

  • Reduced memory allocations during operation execution.

  • Fix for SRV polling bug that prevented changes in SRV records when the associated MongoDB connection string included a username and password.

  • Support for GCP service accounts when using Google Cloud Key Management Services.

  • Improvements to server-side resource cleanup when using the Cursor.All and Session.WithTransaction functions.

  • SERVICE_HOST Kerberos authentication parameter specification enabled with the authMechanismProperties connection string option.

  • Corrected output from the bson.Raw.String() method to Extended JSON type for timestamps when the BSON document contains a UTC Timestamp field.

  • Resolution of conflicts when retrying reads with read concern "available" or "linearizable".


Upgrade to Version 1.10.1 or Higher

The 1.10.1 Go driver patches a bug that can cause data corruption when rotating Data Encryption Keys encrypted with a Customer Master Key hosted on Google Cloud Key Management Service or Azure Key Vault.

New features of the 1.10 Go driver release include:

  • Full compatibility with MongoDB 6.0.

  • Support for new features related to Queryable Encryption, including new options for automatic and manual encryption.

  • Support for the new Automatic Encryption Shared Library, which replaces the mongocryptd process. The shared library requires MongoDB v6.0 Enterprise or later and libmongocrypt 1.5.0 or later.

  • clustered index creation support.

  • A new API and ClientEncryption entity operations for encryption key management.

  • A Timeout client option to set default context timeouts for each operation sent through that client.

  • A patch to default data to either primitive.M or primitive.D when decoding empty types.

  • Support for encoding atypical map key types for data that can be unmarshalled into a textual representation of itself.

  • Performance optimizations, including:

    • Improved full document requests for before and after updates in change stream events.

    • Improved PRN and UUID generation.

    • Reduced memory consumption when compressing wire messages.

  • Troubleshooting support for frequently encountered issues.

New features of the 1.9 Go driver release include:

  • Improved connection storm mitigation.

  • Custom options to change-stream and aggregate operations.

  • Let option on most CRUD commands that specifies parameters for use in an aggregate expression. Let must be a document that maps parameter names to values that are constant or closed expressions without references to document fields. MongoDB v5.0 or later is required.

  • New constructor functions that create Cursor and SingleResult instances from marshalable and non-nil BSON documents.

New features of the 1.8 Go driver release include:

  • Full compatibility with MongoDB 5.1.

  • Support for KMIP as a KMS provider for CSFLE.

  • Redesigned driver connection pool for low operation Context timeouts and to reduce connection churn. Behavior changes include:

    • New connection creation times out at connectTimeoutMS.

    • At most, two new connections can be established at the same time.

  • Removal of oppressive and unnecessarily gendered language in the Go driver documentation, code, tests, and spec tests.


Upgrade to Version 1.7.2 or Higher

The 1.7.2 Go driver contains a bug fix for a data race that can occur between creating and checking out connections when minPoolSize > 0.

New features of the 1.7 Go driver release include:

  • Full compatibility with MongoDB 5.0.

  • Support for the "snapshot" read concern outside of multi-document transactions for certain read operations.

  • Improved WriteException and BulkWriteException error messages for schema validation via the WriteError.Details field.


Upgrade to Version 1.6.2 or Higher

The 1.6.2 Go driver contains a bug fix for a data race that can occur between creating and checking out connections when minPoolSize > 0.

New features of the 1.6 Go driver release include:

  • Support for the MongoDB Stable API. For more information, see the Stable API Guide.

  • Support for connections to any MongoDB service that runs behind a load balancer.

  • Support for creating time series collections. For more information, see the Time Series Collections Guide.

  • Let option for aggregate expressions.

New features of the 1.5 Go driver release include:

  • Support for Azure and GCP key-management services with Client-side Field Level Encryption.

  • New errors API to detect duplicate-key errors, timeouts, and network errors.

  • Server monitoring to monitor changes on a MongoDB deployment.

  • Errors to prevent unexpected behavior on maps that contain multiple keys being used as a hint option, as a sort option, or for index creation.

New features of the 1.4 Go driver release include:

  • Full compatibility with MongoDB 4.4.

  • Support for stapled and non-stapled OCSP verification.

  • New tlsDisableOCSPEndpointCheck=true URI option to disable sending HTTP requests if the OCSP responder is not reachable from the driver and there is no stapled response.

  • Additional context to errors encountered during BSON unmarshalling.

  • Proper Unwrap functions for various driver error types.

New features of the 1.3 Go driver release include:

  • mgocompat package that exports a BSON registry compatible with globalsign/mgo/bson, which can be used via the ClientOptions.SetRegistry method.

  • RegisterTypeEncoder and RegisterHookEncoder methods, which replace the deprecated RegisterEncoder method. A corresponding change has been made to replace RegisterDecoder.

New features of the 1.2 Go driver release include:

  • Support for CSFLE.

  • bson.MarshalValue function, which marshals Go types to BSON.

  • StringCodec, which allows non-string fields to be decoded into a String field in a struct.

  • IntCodec, UIntCodec, BoolCodec, and FloatCodec added to mgocompat to allow codecs to convert between numbers and booleans.

New features of the 1.1 Go driver release include:

  • Full compatibility with MongoDB 4.2.

  • Redesigned lower-level driver implementation to improve maintainability and performance.

  • Connection Monitoring and Pooling specifications to monitor various connection and connection pool events with improved utilization.

This release adds no new features.

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