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Fix Backup Oplog Issues

The Cloud Manager backup service has not received an oplog from the MongoDB Agent for at least an hour.

Alert Conditions

You can configure alert conditions in the project-level alert settings page to trigger alerts.

To learn more about the alert condition, see Backup oplog is behind.

Common Triggers

  • MongoDB Agent is down.
  • MongoDB Agent is overloaded.
  • MongoDB Agent can’t reach the replica set.
  • MongoDB Agent can’t reach or successfully send data to Cloud Manager.
  • MongoDB Agent is continuously restarting.

Fix the Immediate Problem

Check the MongoDB Agent logs in Cloud Manager and on the MongoDB Agent host to find out which of these occurred.

Implement a Long-Term Solution

Manage your MongoDB Agent settings.

Monitor Your Progress

View the {mdbagent+} status on the Agents tab to monitor your progress.

To learn more, see View Agent Status.