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MongoDB Compatibility Matrix
MongoDB versions compatible with Cloud Manager features.
Supported Browsers
Browsers that Cloud Manager supports.
Common Cloud Manager terms and concepts with their definitions.
Advanced Options for MongoDB Deployments
Explanation of the advanced deployment options for replica sets and sharded clusters.
Automation Configuration
Available settings in the Automation configuration file used to determine the desired state of the MongoDB deployment.
MongoDB Settings that Automation Supports
Supported options for a MongoDB process as specified in the automation configuration file.
AWS IAM Policy
The AWS permissions required for the user associated with the AWS access keys configured in Cloud Manager.
Database Commands Used by Monitoring
A reference sheet for the monitoring service.
Alert Event Types
An inventory of all alert events generated in Cloud Manager.
Health Check Solutions
Solutions for problems discovered during a Cloud Manager health check.
Monitoring Metrics Per Cloud Manager Plan
Monitoring metrics per Cloud Manager plan.