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Fix IOPS Issues

System and disk alert conditions can indicate IOPS issues.

Alert Conditions

System: CPU (User) % is measures the CPU usage of the processes on the node, normalized by the number of CPUs. This value is scaled to a range of 0-100%.

Common Triggers

A few common events may trigger these alerts:

Fix the Immediate Problem

Consider the following resolutions:

Implement a Long-Term Solution

  • Review Indexing Strategies for possible further indexing improvements.


    A temporary spike in disk utilization may result when creating new indexes.

  • Analyze Query Performance to review how your queries are using your indexes.

  • Use a faster disk drive with more hardware resources.

  • Move operations from disks with large workloads to different disks.

Monitor Your Progress

To observe high disk utilization, open the Hardware Metrics section of the Metrics tab and find the following metrics:

Graph Indicator
Disk IOPS IOPS value greater than the provisioned IOPS value
Normalized System CPU

High IOWait curve

IOWait measures the percentage of time the CPU runs idle waiting for an I/O operation to complete.

To learn more, see View Deployment Metrics.