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Sample Guides Dataset

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The sample_guides database contains data used in our guided tutorials.

To learn how to load the sample data provided by Atlas into your cluster, see Load Sample Data.

This database contains a single collection called planets.

The sample_guides.planets collection contains documents that represent a planet in our Solar System.

Each document includes the following information about the planet:

  • Its order from the sun

  • Whether it has rings

  • The composition of its atmosphere

  • Its surface temperature

The sample_guides.planets collection contains the following indexes:

{ "_id": 1 }
Primary key index on the _id field.
_id: new ObjectId("6220f6b78a733c51b416c80e"),
name: 'Uranus',
orderFromSun: 7,
hasRings: true,
mainAtmosphere: [ 'H2', 'He', 'CH4' ],
surfaceTemperatureC: { min: null, max: null, mean: -197.2 }
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