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Sample Geospatial Dataset

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The sample_geospatial database contains data specifically designed to help familiarize you with GeoJSON data.

To learn how to load the sample data provided by Atlas into your cluster, see Load Sample Data.

This database contains a single collection called shipwrecks.

The sample_geospatial.shipwrecks collection contains all of the shipwreck data in the dataset. Each document in the collection represents a shipwreck and contains details such as where the wreck took place and the type of wreck that occurred.

The data collection contains the following indexes:

{ "_id": 1 }
Primary key index on the _id field.
{ "coordinates": "2dsphere" }
Geospatial 2dsphere index on the coordinates GeoJSON format field.
"_id": {
"$oid": "578f6fa2df35c7fbdbaed8c6"
"recrd": "",
"vesslterms": "",
"feature_type": "Wrecks - Submerged, dangerous",
"chart": "US,U1,graph,DNC H1409860",
"latdec": {
"$numberDouble": "9.3560572"
"londec": {
"$numberDouble": "-79.9074173"
"gp_quality": "",
"depth": "",
"sounding_type": "",
"history": "",
"quasou": "depth unknown",
"watlev": "always under water/submerged",
"coordinates": [
"$numberDouble": "-79.9074173"
"$numberDouble": "9.3560572"
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