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FAQ: Support

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  • How do I get support for my Atlas clusters?
  • What is Flex Consulting?
  • Where can I view the system status of the MongoDB Cloud?

Using the in-app chat or opening a support case, request support through the Atlas console. Support for development and performance of the database requires an upgraded support plan.

For more information on support plans or to subscribe to an upgraded support plan, you can either:

  • Contact MongoDB Support, or

  • Navigate to your organization's Support tab in the Atlas console.


    See also:

In addition to support plans, MongoDB Atlas offers personalized, expert advice from a MongoDB consulting engineer through Flex Consulting units.

To learn more, see Flex Consulting.

Visit for the status of the MongoDB Cloud, including Atlas and Cloud Manager.

You can also subscribe to an RSS feed of the MongoDB Cloud Status page using your preferred RSS reader.

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