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MongoDB Atlas & Red Hat OpenShift

Kubernetes is the most widely adopted open source container orchestration framework in the market today. Red Hat OpenShift is an enterprise Kubernetes container orchestration platform for hybrid clouds. MongoDB Atlas is a developer data platform that extends beyond fully managed MongoDB to address more of your data requirements for building modern applications.

As developing cloud native apps becomes a priority for customers, they’ll need a versatile database which is highly scalable, globally distributed and which seamlessly integrates with their Kubernetes flow. Atlas meets developers where they’re at and enables them to leverage an array of tools that help them create resilient, scalable applications.

Through the MongoDB Atlas Kubernetes Operator, customers of Openshift are able to leverage Atlas to provide data and enhanced data services to complement their applications. It does this by enabling teams to manage MongoDB Atlas deployments through Infrastructure as Code - YAML applied into OpenShift alongside the application and implemented by the Operator using the Atlas Admin API. This enables you to leverage the same come management and deployment tooling to manage Atlas as you already use for applications in OpenShift.

Alternatively, developer teams can use the MongoDB’s Enterprise Kubernetes Operator to self-manage their MongoDB deployment – whether on-premises or in their private cloud. Along with MongoDB Ops Manager or Cloud Manager they can manage MongoDB clusters within OpenShift and closer to their application.

A diagram showcasing the multiple ways you can use different MongoDB Kubernetes Operators with Red Hat OpenShift

Fully managed:

Atlas is a fully managed database lifecycle; completely automated, elastic, and always-on, with unmatched data distribution and mobility across ~90+ regions on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Offers integrated data services:

Atlas offers a variety of integrated tools and services that help developers build more seamlessly against their data in the cloud.

Native integration with Openshift:

Use the Atlas Operator to leverage Atlas via Infrastructure as Code by deploying custom resources alongside your application.

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