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Global multi-cloud database

The most advanced cloud database service on the market, with unmatched data distribution and mobility across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, built-in automation for resource and workload optimization, and so much more.

Intelligent performance optimization

MongoDB Atlas offers a hands-free approach to performance optimization with auto-scaling, actionable recommendations tailored to your specific workloads, and more, so you can easily adapt to changing requirements.
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A unified experience for any workload

Reduce your data infrastructure complexity with a powerful query API that supports your operational, transactional, full-text search, and real-time analytics workloads. No ETL required.
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Best-in-class operations and data security

Focus on building, not managing. MongoDB Atlas takes care of mission-critical database administration and provides the rich data security and privacy controls you need to scale agile teams without introducing risk.
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Global and multi-cloud reach

All but eliminate data latency, be the last one standing with cross-region and cross-cloud failover, and easily satisfy local data regulations with a single deployment. MongoDB Atlas gives you the ability to deploy across or pin your data to nearly 80 AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud regions.
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Modernize your data infrastructure

Build applications and ship features faster than before. MongoDB Atlas offers modern database capabilities you just can’t find anywhere else–and we’re constantly raising the bar.


Performance advice

Get on-demand schema design best practices as your apps evolve.

Automated data tiering

Set archival rules for cost-efficient data storage as your data estate grows.

Always-on security

Secure data with built-in defaults for access and end-to-end encryption.

Client-side field level encryption

Protect against the unlikely event that network/disk encryption is bypassed.

Cross-region resilience

Protect the customer experience with multi-region fault tolerance.

Continuous backups

Restore data to the precise moment you need with point-in-time recovery.

Edge-to-cloud sync

Power mobile experiences that handle connectivity gaps and conflict resolution.

Multi-cloud clusters

Enable powerful and resilient applications that use two or more clouds at once.


MongoDB Atlas Search

Make your application data more discoverable with relevance-based full-text search capabilities.

MongoDB Charts

Build, share, and embed data visualizations to create engaging user experiences and drive actionable insights.

Atlas App Services

Build best-in-class apps across Android, iOS, and web with edge-to-cloud sync and fully managed backend services.

Customer Stories

Thousands of organizations use MongoDB Atlas, from industry leaders to startups

Business media platform
Mobile gaming experience
Global financial services
We're very glad we moved to the cloud when we did. Shifting quickly to Google Cloud and MongoDB Atlas put us in a position to innovate and thrive even in the most difficult circumstances.
Normally engineers need to focus on many different parts of the stack but MongoDB Atlas and MongoDB’s support gives us a considerable shortcut. If this was handled in-house we would only be as good as our database expert. Now we can rely on a wealth of knowledge, expertise and best in class technology.
MongoDB Atlas automated the configuration and provisioning of MongoDB instances onto Azure, and we rely on it now to handle on-going upgrades and maintenance. A few simple clicks in the UI eliminates the need for us to develop our own configuration management scripts.

Find the pricing model that works for you

Shared Clusters

Starting at
For teams learning MongoDB or developing small applications. Get 512MB storage free and scale up to 5GB.

Dedicated Clusters

As low as
For teams building applications that need advanced development or production-ready environments.

Dedicated Multi-Region Clusters

As low as
For teams developing world-class applications that require multi-region resiliency or ultra-low latency access.
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