MongoDB Atlas is built with distributed fault tolerance and automated data recovery. Join thousands of companies who rely on Atlas to power their mission-critical applications.

Always On

MongoDB Atlas clusters are designed for resilience with a minimum three node replica set distributed across availability zones within a cloud region.
Self-Healing Clusters
If a primary node becomes unavailable, MongoDB Atlas will automatically perform a failover in seconds, with no need for manual intervention. For additional fault tolerance, configure secondary nodes across multiple regions in the unlikely event of a total region outage.
Uptime Guarantee
All MongoDB Atlas clusters are highly available and backed by an industry-leading uptime SLA of 99.995% across all cloud providers.
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Our customers are investing their money through us and are expecting the highest levels of reliability and security, so the managed backups in Atlas are a must for us. Again, we don’t have the time to invest in writing scripts for managing database backups. With just a few clicks, you can configure, restore, and query point-in-time backups.

Tom Goldenberg, CTO, Commandiv

We’ve optimized our database infrastructure and how we manage backups. Not only did we bring down costs by 40%, but by leveraging the queryable snapshot feature, we’re able to restore the data we actually need 80% faster.

Chaitanya Peddi, Co-founder and Head of Product, DarwinBox

I like the fully managed backup service that Atlas provides as it has more functionality than anything I’ve used with other providers. The ability to restore to any point in time, restore to different projects in MongoDB Atlas, and query snapshots in place, allows us to meet disaster recovery objectives and easily spin up new environments for testing.

Alex Corotchi, VP of Technology, Q4 Inc.

We also invest in Atlas’s fully managed backups so we can move fast and minimize the risk of failure. It’s comforting to know that if we do break stuff, we’ve got the ability to restore to any point in time. If I tried to do this on my own, it would be a full-time job just managing the infrastructure.

Nag Palavalli, CEO and Co-Founder, TripCloud

Queryable backups saved us numerous times when someone accidentally dropped/updated a few documents and they needed to be restored. We’ve managed to quickly inspect and restore data in just a few clicks.

Nicolae Gudumac, CTO & Co-founder, Planable

Automated Backups

Gain peace of mind for your business-critical applications with fully managed backups of your data. MongoDB Atlas offers incremental data recovery and consistent, cluster-wide snapshots of sharded clusters.

Point-in-time Recovery

Satisfy any Recovery Point Objective (RPO) with point-in-time recovery within 24 hours for your mission-critical production data.

Queryable Snapshots

Perform queries against your snapshots to restore data at the document level to meet Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) without having to restore your entire database.

Cloud Data Mobility

Restore data across projects, regions, and teams to quickly spin up new environments and increase development velocity.

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