Data Lake

MongoDB Atlas Data Lake allows you to quickly query data in any format on Amazon S3 using the MongoDB Query Language (MQL).

Why MongoDB Atlas Data Lake?

Realize the value of your data lake faster. Natively work with complex data in place, eliminate operational overhead, and control costs.

Multiple Formats

Analyze data stored in JSON, BSON, CSV, TSV, Avro, and Parquet in place without the complexity, cost, and time-sink of data ingestion and transformation

Any Scale

Parallelize workloads to deliver performance even for large and complex queries. Enable global data lake analytics across multiple AWS regions.

Best Way to Work With Data

MongoDB Query Language (MQL) is the best and most natural way to work with rich data. Aggregations are powerful, modular, and easy-to-understand


No infrastructure to set up and manage - just provide access to your existing S3 buckets with a few clicks and start running queries immediately

On Demand

Pay only for the queries run and only when actively working with the data. No need to predict demand or capacity.

Integrated with Atlas

Fully integrated with MongoDB Atlas for provisioning, access, billing and support

Ready to get started?

Try the MongoDB Atlas Data Lake beta today on AWS


MongoDB Data Lake is a fully managed data lake as a service offering with pricing based on data scanned, data transferred and data returned.
Data scanned
Data transferred and returned
$5 per TB with a 10MB minimum per query
Standard AWS data transfer rates

MongoDB Atlas Data Lake Architecture

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