Data Lake. Unlock your data’s full potential.

Analyze your MongoDB application data and AWS S3 data with ease.
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Atlas architecture diagram highlighting "Data Lake" within the Unified Interface category.
Forget about complex data integrations and operational overhead. Data Lake operates as a serverless, scalable query engine, delivering a simpler and faster experience when you’re working with data.
  • Quickly access all your data, wherever it resides
  • Run powerful aggregations for complex analysis
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Analyze rich data

Preserving the rich structure of your data is invaluable. Now you can directly query Atlas databases and AWS S3 together using a single API. Run powerful and easy-to-understand aggregations so you always have a consistent experience, no matter what data type you’re using.
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Transform and enrich data

Reduce your time and effort spent building the aggregations that transform and enrich your data. Data Lake reduces the effort, time-sink and complexity of pipelines and ETL tools when working with data in different formats - so you can generate the insights to power real-time applications.
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Data on-demand at scale

Save time and money when you scale your cloud data lake. Don’t worry about managing infrastructure or predicting capacity. Only pay for what you use, and deliver the performance you need by parallelizing queries for global data lake analytics.
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Fully integrated with MongoDB Atlas

Spin up your cloud data lake alongside your operational Atlas databases with just a few clicks. Take advantage of our other product offerings including Compass and Charts to explore, visualize and share your data insights.
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Feature overview
Multiple formats
Analyze data stored in JSON, BSON, CSV, TSV, Avro, ORC and Parquet in place without the complexity, cost, and time-sink of data ingestion and transformation.
Powerful aggregations
Run powerful, modular aggregations on data in-place and persist the results to your preferred storage tier for more control over your dataflows.
Federated query
Run a single query to analyze data across multiple MongoDB databases and AWS S3 together and in-place for faster insights.
No infrastructure to set up and manage - create your cloud data lake with a few clicks and start running queries immediately.
On demand
You only pay for the queries run and only when actively working with your data. With an on-demand service, you can eliminate the need to predict demand or capacity.
Fully Integrated with MongoDB Atlas
Get access to our other product offerings such as Charts for advanced data visualization and Compass for a visual exploration of your data.

Deploy a Data Lake on MongoDB

We built Data Lake to simplify how you work with rich data. Spend more time uncovering insights instead of managing infrastructure.
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Configure a Data Lake
Data Lake combines data from your MongoDB Atlas clusters and AWS S3 in virtual databases and collections. Your data remains in-place and in its native format.
Analyze and enrich data
Persist query results
Configure a Data Lake
Data Lake combines data from your MongoDB Atlas clusters and AWS S3 in virtual databases and collections. Your data remains in-place and in its native format.
Analyze and enrich data
Persist query results

Learn more about Atlas Data Lake

Discover how to analyze rich data easily and intuitively with a scalable cloud data lake.
Atlas Data Lake in action
See how you can combine and transform real-time application data and cloud data without complex integrations for faster insights.
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text search
Federate queries across data sources
See step-by-step how you can federate queries across multiple data sources and easily persist results to your preferred storage.
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cloud hosted
case study
Lots of data, hot and cold
Learn how a security startup leverages Atlas Data Lake to store and analyze growing volumes of data cost-effectively.
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Get the most out of Atlas

Power more data-driven experiences and insights with the rest of our application data platform.
Start with the multi-cloud database service built for resilience, scale, and the highest levels of data privacy and security.
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Bring your data to life instantly. Create, share, and embed visualizations for real-time insights and business intelligence.
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Build fast, relevance-based full-text search in minutes. Eliminate the need to run a separate search engine alongside your database.
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Get started with Data Lake today

Create a Data Lake alongside your operational Atlas database in a few clicks. Configure your Data Lake from multiple data sources, or use a sample dataset to get started today.
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  • A unified data platform
  • Powerful aggregations
  • Sample datasets
  • Native tools and drivers
  • Multiple data formats
  • Pay-as-you go model