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Realm Sync (in beta) is the out-of-the-box data synchronization service that keeps data in-sync between devices, users, and your backend, all in real-time.

Use Sync to backup user data, build collaborative features, and keep data up to date whenever devices are online - without worrying about conflict resolution or networking code. Powered by the Realm Mobile Database on the client-side and MongoDB Atlas on the backend, Realm is optimized for offline use and scales with you. Building a great app has never been easier.

A Simplified Architecture

An end-to-end, offline-first solution

Realm’s Mobile database stores data directly on a user’s device, allowing for local read and writes even when a user is offline. Realm Sync seamlessly moves data between the client and a shared backend powered by Atlas. Create and query language native objects with the Realm SDKs. And know that it’s all optimized for performance, so your app runs quickly and won’t drain battery or hog data.

Conflict Resolution, handled automatically

Realm syncs data whenever a device is online. Conflicts are handled automatically and every dataset is stored with a timestamp, meaning data is eventually consistent and app reliability is guaranteed.

Consistent cross-platform experiences

Use Sync to keep data consistent across any device, and all users. Whether you’re building for iOS or Android - or using React Native, Node.js - Realm’s sync to a unified backend makes it simple to build a consistent app experience for your users, whatever their platform.

Scalable and secure

Powered by MongoDB Atlas on the backend, MongoDB Realm scales with you. Sync is used alongside the fully-encrypted Realm Mobile Database, and the platform is SOC 2 certified and HIPPA compliant. With Realm, you can also utilize our robust Data Access Controls to keep data secure at every step.

An end-to-end mobile app solution

MongoDB Realm

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