MongoDB Data Loss

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Your data is your lifeblood and any loss can spell disaster for your business. Disaster can strike in many unanticipated forms whether it be a natural disaster, fire, or human error. Devoting time and energy to developing a sound backup and recovery strategy then should be a top priority.

By planning ahead and putting a backup and recovery plan in place for your deployment, you can restore operations without MongoDB data loss. Backing up your MongoDB deployment to prevent data loss is easy with MongoDB’s suite of management solutions.

You can reliably backup and restore MongoDB with Ops Manager for on prem deployments or with Cloud Manager for cloud-based deployments. Both solutions keep your MongoDB database healthy and optimized by converting manual, complex operations tasks into automated procedures. Point-in-time schedule backups are automatically enabled to help you prevent data loss and restore complete running clusters to any point in time with just a few clicks.

Cloud Manager currently supports thousands of deployments of varying sizes, from systems using one to hundreds of servers. Organizations who run their deployments with MongoDB Enterprise Advanced can choose between Ops Manager and Cloud Manager.

To get started on crafting a sound backup strategy for MongoDB, download our white paper, ** Backup and Its Role in Disaster Recovery. ** The paper covers:

  • Key considerations when evaluating backup strategies
  • Best practices for backing up and restoring your MongoDB data
  • An in-depth comparison of different MongoDB backup methods

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