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FEATUREDMay 02, 2024

MongoDB 8.0 Coming Soon

MongoDB 8.0 will deliver improved performance, easier scalability and more ways to handle large usage spikes.

FEATUREDMay 02, 2024

Atlas Stream Processing Now Generally Available

Atlas Stream Processing—the MongoDB-native way to process streaming data—is now generally available and ready for your production workloads!

newmongodb atlas stream processing
FEATUREDMay 02, 2024

MongoDB AI Applications Program Coming Soon

Available in the coming months, the MongoDB AI Applications Program (MAAP) is designed to help organizations rapidly build and deploy applications enriched with generative AI technology.

May 03, 2024

MongoDB Provider for Entity Framework Core Now Generally Available

C# developers can now use MongoDB in conjunction with Entity Framework Core to build modern applications.

May 02, 2024

Atlas Charts Natural Language Mode Now in Public Preview

Now available in public preview, MongoDB has introduced easy-to-use generative AI capabilities in MongoDB Atlas Charts. This feature allows you to render charts and build dashboards using natural language.

newmongodb atlas charts
May 02, 2024

Query Insights in Atlas Now Generally Available

Atlas is introducing the new Query Insights tab, featuring Namespace Insights and an enhanced Query Profiler. With this more powerful query analysis tool and detailed namespace-level metrics, users can gain deeper insights into their database's performance, resulting in faster issue resolution and improved database performance.

newmonitoring and alertsmongodb atlas
May 02, 2024

Natural Language Queries in Compass Now Generally Available

The new AI-powered natural language query experience is generally available in MongoDB Compass. This feature lets you use natural language to generate executable MongoDB Query API syntax for everything from simple queries to sophisticated aggregations. Try it today!

newmongodb compass
May 02, 2024

Faster Cross Project Restores in Atlas Backups is Now Generally Available

For newly created clusters in MongoDB Atlas, you can now perform optimized restores when restoring a backup from one project to a cluster in a different project.

May 02, 2024

Atlas Edge Server is Now in Public Preview

Atlas Edge Server ensures that mission-critical applications and devices in both remote and local environments remain operational, even when networks are unstable. Starting today, any developer on Atlas can deploy and manage Edge Servers directly from the Atlas UI.

newmongodb atlas edge server