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Continuous innovation to support modern apps

Accelerate and simplify development for modern applications with our leading developer data platform. Take advantage of the latest capabilities in MongoDB to innovate faster, build and run applications with less heavy lifting, and transform and modernize your business faster than ever before.
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FEATUREDMay 02, 2024

MongoDB 8.0 Coming Soon

MongoDB 8.0 will deliver improved performance, easier scalability and more ways to handle large usage spikes.

FEATUREDMay 02, 2024

Atlas Stream Processing Now Generally Available

Atlas Stream Processing—the MongoDB-native way to process streaming data—is now generally available and ready for your production workloads!

newmongodb atlas stream processing
FEATUREDMay 02, 2024

MongoDB AI Applications Program Coming Soon

Available in the coming months, the MongoDB AI Applications Program (MAAP) is designed to help organizations rapidly build and deploy applications enriched with generative AI technology.

July 09, 2024

Elevate Your Python AI Projects

MongoDB is excited to announce our integration with Haystack, enhancing Atlas Vector Search for Python developers! This powerful combo provides cutting-edge tools for building AI applications with semantic search and LLMs. Start building smarter, more intuitive Python projects today!

June 20, 2024

Exact Nearest Neighbor Vector Search is Now Available

Guarantees retrieval of the absolute closest vectors to the query, supporting small-scale, multi-tenant, and recall benchmarking use cases.

newmongodb atlas search
June 05, 2024

Workforce Identity Federation is now GA

Centralize identity and access management with existing Identity Management Systems.

June 05, 2024

Workload identity federation is now GA

Easily connect your workloads (applications) to MongoDB through Azure Managed Identities, GCP Service Accounts, or any platform that provides OAuth 2.0 tokens

May 03, 2024

MongoDB Provider for Entity Framework Core Now Generally Available

C# developers can now use MongoDB in conjunction with Entity Framework Core to build modern applications.

May 02, 2024

Atlas Charts Natural Language Mode Now in Public Preview

Now available in public preview, MongoDB has introduced easy-to-use generative AI capabilities in MongoDB Atlas Charts. This feature allows you to render charts and build dashboards using natural language.

newmongodb atlas charts