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Atlas SQL Interface, Connectors, and Drivers

Easily query, analyze, and visualize Atlas data with SQL-based tools.

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Atlas SQL Interface

Through MongoDB’s Atlas SQL Interface, you can leverage existing SQL knowledge and familiar tools to query and analyze Atlas data. It uses MongoSQL, a SQL-92 compatible dialect that’s designed for the document model, and leverages Atlas Data Federation under-the-hood so you can query across Atlas clusters and cloud storage, like S3, with simplified sql schema management in Atlas to enhance data analytic workflows.

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Atlas SQL Connectors & Drivers

Atlas SQL Connectors and Drivers allow you to easily connect your SQL-based business intelligence and analytics tools to Atlas, enabling you to find insights faster on live application data. Built by MongoDB, they provide a first-class querying experience of Atlas data through your preferred tool.

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"The old-school method of moving large data sets around takes time and effort. The Power BI Connector for Atlas creates a direct connection between our dashboards and our operational data, allowing us to find insights on the data we need in real-time. This means faster, more informed decisions for our clients."
Sam Marrazzo
Founder at Ganson Street

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