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MongoDB Atlas on
Microsoft Azure

Run fully managed MongoDB on Azure with MongoDB Atlas, a global developer data platform that helps you build a wide variety of applications.
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Atlas in the Azure Marketplace
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Generative AI With MongoDB and Microsoft
Use MongoDB and Microsoft to build gen AI experiences backed by your enterprise data. Deep integration between MongoDB Atlas and Microsoft technologies like Azure OpenAI, Semantic Kernel, GitHub Copilot, and Fabric make it easy to create intelligent applications that are accurate, secure, and scalable.View tutorial
MongoDB AI Applications Program
MongoDB AI Applications Program
The MongoDB AI Applications Program gives organizations the roadmap, industry expertise, and technology needed to move quickly from ideation to deployment of generative AI applications at scale.Learn More
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Set up, operate, and scale in just a few clicks
Leverage MongoDB Atlas on Azure to accelerate and simplify how your developers build with data supported by an integrated suite of cloud database and data services. Built for the way you work with data, MongoDB offers the greatest flexibility and scalability for any cloud-based workload.


Use the best of MongoDB, Microsoft, and Azure together for a seamless way to run analytics and data warehousing operations. Manage and run data governance policies while ensuring compliance and security. Easily query and extract insights from MongoDB data using powerful, built-in, custom visualizations.
AI and Analytics

MongoDB Atlas and Microsoft Fabric

Unlock the value of data in MongoDB Atlas with the intelligent analytics and AI capabilities of Microsoft Fabric.


Atlas Power BI Connector

Gain insights into your Atlas data with DirectQuery.


MongoDB Atlas and Azure Synapse Analytics

Build analytics-driven apps.


MongoDB and Azure Databricks

Combine MongoDB Atlas with Azure Databricks for big data processing and analytics.


Gain Insights Into Your Data

Make data-driven decisions with MongoDB Connector for Business Intelligence in Power BI.

Developer Tools
Data Governance

Microsoft Purview

Manage your data with a unified governance solution.

Low Code / No Code

MongoDB Connector for Power Apps, Power Automate, and Logic Apps

Use MongoDB with Low-code / No-Code solutions to automate tasks and workflows.


MS Power Apps — Customer Onboarding

A Bank Onboarding Web App on Appsource for experimenting with MongoDB.

Industry Solutions

IoT data hub for smart manufacturing

MongoDB Atlas and Azure IoT simplifies the IoT landscape.


AI Retail innovation

A retail based demo to showcase MongoDB and Fabric integrations for AI innovations.

MongoDB Atlas is available in the Azure Marketplace

Available in 48 Azure regions, the new pay-as-you-go Atlas listing on the Azure Marketplace means you only pay for the Atlas resources you use, with no upfront commitment.
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Can I use MongoDB with Azure?
MongoDB Atlas is available on the Azure Marketplace. With just one click, you can get started today with our pay-as-you-go option.
How do I run MongoDB on Azure?
To deploy MongoDB on Azure, you can set up a new cluster on MongoDB Atlas, or live-migrate an existing MongoDB deployment using the Atlas Live Migration Service.
How do I access MongoDB on Azure?
Once you have deployed your MongoDB cluster on Azure, either by using MongoDB Atlas or creating a self-managed cluster, use the cluster’s connection string to access either from the command line or through a MongoDB driver in your language of choice.
Is MongoDB free on Azure?
MongoDB Atlas is on the Azure Marketplace. With just one click, you can get started today with our pay-as-you-go option.
What is MongoDB Atlas?
MongoDB Atlas is a fully managed developer data platform. At the core of Atlas is Atlas Database, the fully managed version of MongoDB.
Can I buy MongoDB Atlas on Azure Marketplace?
Yes, MongoDB Atlas is available in the Azure Marketplace. You only pay for the Atlas resources you use, with no upfront commitment required. Get Started