Best Practices for Deploying MongoDB on Microsoft Azure

PublishedMarch 7, 2018
Host(s)Robert Walters

In this webinar (including a demo), we explore recommended MongoDB deployment topologies. We also cover best practices to reliably and optimally run MongoDB clusters on Microsoft Azure.

We focus on special considerations for running the database on Azure, including disk I/O, network, and security configurations. We connect an Azure Web App to our MongoDB deployment and then connect the same app to a deployment managed by the automated database service, MongoDB Atlas. Finally, we cover the differences between using a fully managed MongoDB service, and deploying / managing MongoDB nodes by yourself in the cloud.

By the end of this session you will learn:

  • Common MongoDB deployment topologies
  • Best practices for deploying a three node MongoDB replica set leveraging Microsoft Azure infrastructure
  • Common security, networking, and disk I/O considerations when using Microsoft Azure with MongoDB
  • Benefits of using MongoDB Atlas on Azure compared to deploying and operating self-managed MongoDB nodes on Azure virtual machines

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