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Trademark Standards for Use

We need to ensure that our trademarks remain reliable indicators of the source and quality of MongoDB, Inc. (“MongoDB”) products and services. However, we also want to allow software distributors and other members of the MongoDB community to discuss our products and services and to accurately describe their affiliation with MongoDB. To balance those interests, we allow you to use MongoDB trademarks in accordance with these Trademark Standards.


We also own trademark registrations in various other countries around the world, including “MONGODB,” “MONGO,” “MONGODB CERTIFIED DBA,” “MONGODB CERTIFIED DEVELOPER,” “MONGODB CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL,” “LOVE YOUR DEVELOPERS,” “FOR GIANT IDEAS,” “REALM,” “MLAB,” , and may have other unregistered trademarks in use.

These Trademark Standards reflect the overarching requirement that you not use our trademarks in ways that may be: (1) confusing, (2) disparaging, or (3) suggest our sponsorship, endorsement, or affiliation. By non-confusing, we mean that people should always know who they are dealing with and where the software they are downloading came from. By non-disparaging, we mean that you cannot use our trademarks as vehicles for defaming us or sullying our reputation. And by not suggesting our sponsorship, endorsement or affiliation, we mean that websites and software that are not produced by MongoDB should not imply, either directly or by omission, that they are.

Standards for Use

All uses of MongoDB trademarks must conform to the following principles:

  1. You may use the MongoDB trademarks only to identify and distinguish MongoDB products and services. Our trademarks may not be applied to products or services provided by anyone else. Please do not use them as a part of your company or service name, product name, trade name, website/domain name or social media handle/account name.

  2. You may not combine a MongoDB trademark with another word, hyphenate a MongoDB trademark or abbreviate a MongoDB trademark. You also may not edit, change, distort, recolor, or reconfigure our marks (including our leaf logo) – we like them how they are!

  3. MongoDB trademarks may only be used with the correct form of notice of registration. If the mark is registered, the ® should be used. If not, the word "trademark" or the symbol "TM" should be used.

  4. You may not use any MongoDB trademark in a way that disparages or harms MongoDB or our products or services. You also may not use our marks in connection with harmful or objectionable materials of any sort.

  5. While we make lots of cool swag with our name and logo, we don’t generally allow anyone else to make, sell or give away anything with our trademarks on it (unless they have an express agreement with us to do so).

  6. You may not adopt or attempt to register with any agency anywhere in the world the trademark “MongoDB” or any trademark, trade name, service mark, logo or domain name consisting of – in whole or in part – the word “MongoDB,” “Mongo” or any mark confusingly similar to any MongoDB trademark.

  7. We reserve the right to object to any use of our trademarks that we view as non-compliant with these Trademark Standards. By using our brand materials, you agree to take all necessary steps to resolve any objections we have. You also acknowledge that MongoDB is the sole owner of MongoDB trademarks and goodwill derived from their use accrues only to MongoDB.

If you offer services related to MongoDB software, you may use "MongoDB" in describing and advertising your services, so long as you don't violate these Trademark Standards or do anything else that might mislead customers into thinking that MongoDB has a relationship with your organization or services. For example, it is OK if you describe, "services for MongoDB" (as long as it's true!). But it is not OK if you say, "MongoDB training services sold here," since that is confusing as to who (you or MongoDB) is offering the training. When in doubt, please err on the side of providing more, rather than less, explanation and information. And your name and logo should always be more prominent than ours!


We have tried to make our trademark policy as comprehensive as possible. If you are considering a use of a MongoDB trademark that is not covered by these Trademark Standards, and are unsure whether that use is acceptable, please contact us at