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MongoDB Software Lifecycle Schedules

The lifecycle schedules below form a part of MongoDB’s Support Policies. They include Major Releases and Rapid Releases of the MongoDB Server and MongoDB Ops Manager that have reached their end of life date in the past 3 years.

MongoDB Drivers released more than 3 years after a MongoDB Server version’s end of life date will not be compatible with that server version.

MongoDB Server

ReleaseRelease DateEnd of Life Date
MongoDB 3.0March 2015February 2018
MongoDB 3.2December 2015September 2018
MongoDB 3.4November 2016January 2020
MongoDB 3.6November 2017April 2021
MongoDB 4.0June 2018April 2022
MongoDB 4.2August 2019April 2023
MongoDB 4.4July 2020February 2024
MongoDB 5.0July 2021October 2024
MongoDB 5.1 (Rapid Release)November 2021January 2022
MongoDB 5.2 (Rapid Release)January 2022April 2022
MongoDB 5.3 (Rapid Release)April 2022July 2022
MongoDB 6.0July 2022July 2025
MongoDB 6.1 (Rapid Release)October 2022February 2023
MongoDB 6.2 (Rapid Release)February 2023April 2023
MongoDB 6.3 (Rapid Release)April 2023August 2023
MongoDB 7.0August 2023August 2026
MongoDB 7.1 (Rapid Release)October 2023January 2024
MongoDB 7.2 (Rapid Release)January 2024April 2024
MongoDB 7.3 (Rapid Release)April 2024TBD

MongoDB Ops Manager

ReleaseRelease DateEnd of Life Date
Ops Manager 2.0December 2015February 2018
Ops Manager 3.4November 2016September 2018
Ops Manager 3.6November 2017June 2019
Ops Manager 4.0June 2018August 2020
Ops Manager 4.2August 2019July 2021
Ops Manager 4.4July 2020July 2022
Ops Manager 5.0July 2021July 2023
Ops Manager 6.0July 2022January 2025
Ops Manager 7.0January 2024TBD