Building FARM Stack Apps: FastAPI, React, and MongoDB

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June 05, 2024

11 A.M. ET

A high-performance, rapid development, Python-based development stack for rich web applications — that’s the FARM stack. Comprising FastAPI, React, and MongoDB, the FARM stack provides a development environment that shortens time to production for today’s modern web apps.

The webinar guides you through the entire development process, including:

  • Setting up the development environment with Docker Compose
  • Configuring the database clientConnecting front-end components to the data
  • Deploying the application into production
  • Using MongoDB’s FARM stack application generator to speed development

FastAPI is the perfect back-end solution for your React front end. Its tight integration with Pydantic works perfectly with MongoDB's document data model. And because it’s an async framework, it scales readily with your MongoDB cluster.

If you're already working with FastAPI and you'd like to learn more, or if you want to expand your knowledge with a new Python framework, this webinar will quickly have you building rich web applications with Python and JavaScript.

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