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Sharding Commands


For details on a specific command, including syntax and examples, click on the link to the command's reference page.

Associates a shard with a zone. Supports configuring zones in sharded clusters.

Returns information on whether the chunks of a sharded collection are balanced.

New in version 4.4.

Starts a balancer thread.
Returns information on the balancer status.
Stops the balancer thread.
Internal command that validates index on shard key.
Clears the jumbo flag for a chunk.
Removes orphaned data with shard key values outside of the ranges of the chunks owned by a shard.
Enables sharding on a specific database.
Forces a mongod / mongos instance to update its cached routing metadata.
Returns the hostnames and connection strings for shards in the cluster and the config servers for your cluster.
Internal command that returns the config server version.
Verifies that a process is a mongos.
Returns a list of configured shards.
Internal command that migrates chunks between shards.
Reassigns the primary shard when removing a shard from a sharded cluster.
Provides the ability to combine chunks on a single shard.

Refines a collection's shard key by adding a suffix to the existing key.

New in version 4.4.

Starts the process of removing a shard from a sharded cluster.
Removes the association between a shard and a zone. Supports configuring zones in sharded clusters.
Prevents the start of new automatic migrations on a collection, prevents in-flight manual migrations from committing, and excludes the collection from new balancer rounds.
Internal command to sets the config server version.
Enables the sharding functionality for a collection, allowing the collection to be sharded.
Reports whether the mongod is a member of a sharded cluster.
Creates a new chunk.
Internal command that determines split points.
Deprecated. Internal command that affects connections between instances in a MongoDB deployment.
Adds or removes the association between a range of sharded data and a zone. Supports configuring zones in sharded clusters.
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