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Diagnostic Commands


For details on a specific command, including syntax and examples, click on the link to the command's reference page.

Internal command that reports on the capabilities of the current MongoDB instance.
Displays statistics about the MongoDB build.
Reports storage utilization statics for a specified collection.
Reports statistics on the outgoing connections from this MongoDB instance to other MongoDB instances in the deployment.
Reports the authentication state for the current connection.
Returns the data size for a range of data. For internal use.
Returns hash value a database and its collections.
Reports storage utilization statistics for the specified database.
Internal command that converts an ObjectId to a string to support tests.
Returns information on the execution of various operations.
Reports on features available in the current MongoDB instance.
Returns a document with the run-time arguments to the MongoDB instance and their parsed options.
Returns recent log messages.
Returns data that reflects the underlying host system.
Internal command to support testing.
Lists all database commands provided by the current mongod instance.
Internal command that returns information on locks that are currently being held or pending. Only available for mongod instances.
Internal command that reports on intra-deployment connectivity. Only available for mongos instances.
Internal command that tests intra-deployment connectivity.
Interface for the database profiler.
Returns a collection metrics on instance-wide resource utilization and status.

Deprecated in 4.4 Use :dbcommand:`connPoolStats` instead.

Reports statistics on a mongos's connection pool for client operations against shards.

Returns raw usage statistics for each database in the mongod instance.
Internal command that scans for a collection's data and indexes for correctness.
Internal command that returns information on the current client.
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