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New in version 3.4.

Returns a document that contains information about the status of the balancer.

You can only issue the balancerStatus against the admin database.


In the mongo Shell, this command can also be run through the sh.isBalancerRunning() helper method.

Helper methods are convenient for mongo users, but they may not return the same level of information as database commands. In cases where the convenience is not needed or the additional return fields are required, use the database command.

The command takes the following form:

db.adminCommand( { balancerStatus: 1 } )

The following is an example of a document returned by the command:

"mode" : "full",
"inBalancerRound" : false,
"numBalancerRounds" : NumberLong(86),
"ok" : 1

A string that specifies whether the balancer thread is running or stopped. Possible values are:

  • "full"
    Balancer thread is running but not necessarily in a balancing round.
  • "off"
    Balancer thread is stopped. No chunk balancing can occur in this mode.
A boolean that specifies if the balancer is currently in a balancing round; i.e. distributing chunks.
The number of balancer rounds which have occurred since the config servers were started. This value is not persisted and is reset to 0 upon restart of the config servers.

Connect to a mongos instance and issue the following command:

db.adminCommand( { balancerStatus: 1 } )
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