This version of the documentation is archived and no longer supported.

MongoDB Package Components

Core Processes

The core components in the MongoDB package are: mongod, the core database process; mongos the controller and query router for sharded clusters; and mongo the interactive MongoDB Shell.

Windows Services

The mongod.exe and mongos.exe describe the options available for configuring MongoDB when running as a Windows Service. The mongod.exe and mongos.exe binaries provide a superset of the mongod and mongos options.

Binary Import and Export Tools

mongodump provides a method for creating BSON dump files from the mongod instances, while mongorestore makes it possible to restore these dumps. bsondump converts BSON dump files into JSON.

Deprecated since version 3.2: mongooplog

Data Import and Export Tools

mongoimport provides a method for taking data in JSON, CSV, or TSV and importing it into a mongod instance. mongoexport provides a method to export data from a mongod instance into JSON, CSV, or TSV.


The conversion between BSON and other formats lacks full type fidelity. Therefore you cannot use mongoimport and mongoexport for round-trip import and export operations.

Diagnostic Tools

mongostat and mongotop provide diagnostic information related to the current operation of a mongod instance.

mongoreplay is a traffic capture and replay tool for MongoDB that you can use to inspect and record commands sent to a MongoDB instance, and then replay those commands back onto another host at a later time. mongoreplay is available for Linux and macOS.

MongoDB 3.4 provides mongoldap for testing native operating system LDAP configuration options against a running LDAP server or set of servers.


mongofiles provides a command-line interact to a MongoDB GridFS storage system.

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