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Release Notes for MongoDB 7.3

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  • Patch Releases
  • General Changes

Issues fixed:

  • SERVER-87191 Update without shard key might miss documents

  • SERVER-88360 Remove "Sharding catalog and local catalog collection uuid do not match" tripwire assertion

  • All Jira issues closed in 7.3.1

  • 7.3.1 Changelog

Starting in MongoDB 7.3, the compact command includes a new freeSpaceTargetMB option to specify the minimum amount of storage space, in megabytes, that must be recoverable for compaction to proceed.

Starting in MongoDB 7.3, when you use a find command on a view with the singleBatch: true and batchSize: 1 options, a cursor is no longer returned. In previous versions of MongoDB these find queries would return a cursor even when you set the single batch option to true.

Starting in MongoDB 7.3, the serverStatus command output includes the following new metrics:

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