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Replica Set Deployment Tutorials

The following tutorials provide information on deploying replica sets.

Deploy a Replica Set
Configure a three-member replica set for production systems.
Deploy a Replica Set for Testing and Development
Configure a three-member replica set for either development or testing systems.
Deploy a Geographically Redundant Replica Set
Create a geographically redundant replica set to protect against location-centered availability limitations (e.g. network and power interruptions).
Add an Arbiter to Replica Set
Add an arbiter to give a replica set an odd number of voting members to prevent election ties.
Convert a Standalone mongod to a Replica Set
Convert an existing standalone mongod instance into a three-member replica set.
Add Members to a Replica Set
Add a new member to an existing replica set.
Remove Members from Replica Set
Remove a member from a replica set.
Replace a Replica Set Member
Update the replica set configuration when the hostname of a member's corresponding mongod instance has changed.


Server Selection Algorithm


Deploy a Replica Set