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Migrate a MongoDB Deployment to a New Project

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You can migrate a MongoDB deployment from one Ops Manager project to another project.

Historic metrics for the MongoDB deployment don't migrate to the new project.


If you have backup enabled and want to retain snapshots:

  1. Download any snapshots that you want to keep:

    • Download the snapshots for a replica set.

    • Download the snapshots for a sharded cluster.

  2. Stop all backups.


    All existing snapshots remain available for download until they expire, but Ops Manager captures no new snapshots.


If you want backup enabled for your MongoDB deployment in the new project, prepare your backup components.

  1. Create a new project to use as the destination project.

  2. Click Settings in the left navigation.

  3. Note the Project ID value on the Project Settings tab.

  4. Create a new Agent API key.



If you have multiple deployments in your project and a MongoDB Agent installed only on the hosts that you plan to move, you must install new agents on servers that you will not move to the new project.

  1. Stop the MongoDB Agent.

  2. Edit the MongoDB Agent configuration file to update the mmsGroupId and mmsApiKey settings with the values from for the new project.

  3. (Optional) If the new project is a new Ops Manager, update the mmsbaseurl setting.

  4. Start the MongoDB Agent.

    The MongoDB deployment servers should appear on the Servers and Agents tabs.



This step permanetly deletes your old project and its related artifacts.

  1. Terminate all backups in the old project.


    If you don't terminate all backups in the old project, all existing snapshots remain available for download until they expire and occupy disk space. You can't remove the MongoDB deployment and delete the old project unless your terminate all backups.

  2. Completely remove the MongoDB deployment from the old project.

  3. Delete the old project.


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