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Upgrade to MongoDB Enterprise (Standalone)

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MongoDB Enterprise provides various features not available in the MongoDB Community edition, such as:

  • In-Memory Storage Engine

  • Auditing

  • Kerberos Authentication

  • LDAP Proxy Authentication and LDAP Authorization

  • Encryption at Rest

The following steps outline the procedure to upgrade a standalone mongod from the MongoDB Community Edition to the MongoDB Enterprise Edition. For example, the steps can be used to upgrade MongoDB 6.0 Community to MongoDB 6.0 Enterprise.


Do not use these instructions to upgrade to another release version. To upgrade release versions, refer to the appropriate release upgrade instructions, such as Upgrade to MongoDB 6.0.

Depending on your operating system, you can install the MongoDB Enterprise binaries by using a package manager or by downloading the binaries manually.


Shut down the mongod Community instance.


Restart with the Enterprise mongod, specifying the same configuration options(e.g. same data directory, configuration file, etc.).

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