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Read Data in MongoDB

In this guide, you will learn how to retrieve data from MongoDB.

Time required: 10 minutes


In this code block there is a comment to replace the connection URI with your own. Make sure to replace the URI string with your Atlas connection string.


Switch to the database and collection you want to query. In this case you will use the sample_guides database and planets collection.


Here is the complete code followed by sample output.


Your ObjectId values will differ from those shown.

If you successfully completed the procedure in this guide, you have retrieved data from MongoDB.

In the next guide, you'll learn how to retrieve data from MongoDB using criteria.

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What's Next
Read Data from MongoDB With Queries
15 mins

Use a query to specify which documents to retrieve documents in MongoDB.

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Chapter 2
  • Add a MongoDB Driver
  • Read Data in MongoDB
  • Read Data from MongoDB With Queries
  • Read Data using Operators and Compound Queries
  • Insert Data into MongoDB
  • Update Data in MongoDB
  • Delete Data from MongoDB
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