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Questions, concerns or feedback on MongoDB Compass are appreciated.

If you have an enterprise or professional MongoDB subscription, you can submit a ticket to the Commercial Support JIRA for direct feedback and support.

To report a bug, submit a ticket to the MongoDB Compass JIRA.

  1. Click Create in the top navigation bar in JIRA to open the ticket creation dialog.

  2. Set the Issue Type to Bug.

  3. Provide a Summary of the issue.

  4. Set the Component to Compass.

  5. Use the Affected Version/s to list the version(s) of Compass in which the issue occurs.

  6. Use the Environment field to describe the operating system(s) in which the issue occurs.

  7. Use the Description to list the exact steps needed to reproduce the issue,

  8. Use the Attachment to upload screenshot(s) of the issue.

Sample bug ticket

After you login to JIRA, you can vote for a bug ticket in the People section on the right-hand side of the ticket. Issues with more votes are more likely to be prioritized by the Compass development team.

Vote for bugs

You can submit Compass feature requests using the MongoDB Feedback Engine.

  1. Log in to the Feedback Engine using your MongoDB account.

  2. Use the Enter your idea search bar to see if there are any matching or similar feature requests which have already been submitted. If those requests exist, you can vote on those requests.

    Search for existing features
  3. If you cannot find a matching existing feature request, click Post a New Idea.

  4. Fill in the requested information for your feature:

    1. Enter a title for your idea.

    2. (Optional) Select a category for your idea.

    3. Describe your idea.

    4. (Optional) Attach a screenshot or other document to help give context for your idea.

  5. Click Post Idea.

The Feedback Engine directs you to a page with your feature request. You automatically vote on all features you submit.

You can vote for features you would like to see added to MongoDB Compass. Feature requests with more votes are more likely to be prioritized by the Compass development team.

To search for features, use the Enter your idea search bar.

To vote for issues, click Vote for the issues you would like to see added.

Vote on existing features

For other feedback, email

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