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Query with Natural Language

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You can use MongoDB Compass to ask natural language questions about your data. Compass uses AI to generate filter queries and aggregations based on the prompts you provide.

You may want to use natural language to query in Compass to:

  • Ask plain text questions about your data.

  • Create an initial query or aggregation pipeline that you can modify to suit your requirements.

  • Learn how to write complex queries with multiple aggregation stages.

  • Compass natural language querying is available starting in version 1.40.x.

  • Natural language querying utilizes Azure Open AI as its current provider. This provider may be subject to change in the future.

  • The MongoDB Compass natural language querying feature is on a rolling release schedule. As a result, some users may temporarily have functionality that other users do not.

  • Enable Natural Language Querying

  • Prompt a Natural Language Query

  • Prompt a Natural Language Aggregation

When you query your data using natural language in Compass, the text of your prompts and details about your MongoDB schemas are sent to Microsoft and OpenAI for processing. Your data is not stored on any third party storage systems or used to train AI models.

This software uses generative artificial intelligence. It is experimental and may give inaccurate results. Your use of this software is subject to MongoDB's:


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