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AI and Data Usage Information

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  • Third Party Providers
  • How Your Data is Used
  • Disable Natural Language Querying

Querying with natural language in Compass is powered by Generative AI (Gen AI), and may give inaccurate responses. See our Generative AI FAQ for more information about Gen AI in MongoDB products.

Querying with natural language in Compass currently uses the Azure OpenAI Service hosted by Microsoft. This is subject to change in the future.

When you query with natural language in Compass, the following information is sent to MongoDB's backend and/or the third party AI provider:

  • The full text of your natural language prompt.

  • The schema of the collection you are querying, including database name, collection name, field names, and types.

The information that is sent will not be shared with any other third parties or stored by the AI provider. We do not send database connection strings, credentials, or rows/documents from your databases.

  • Natural language querying in Compass is available if you have enabled the Generative AI setting and logged into Atlas.

  • If you no longer want to use the feature, uncheck Enable AI Features in the Artificial Intelligence settings.

  • To prevent usage of this feature entirely, you can disable it in the global configuration file.

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