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FAQ: Automation EoL for MongoDB 3.4

This addresses common questions about Automation End of Life for MongoDB 3.4 in Cloud Manager.

What is happening?

The Automation Agent is ending support for MongoDB 3.4 in Cloud Manager. MongoDB 3.4 will reach its End of Life in February of 2022.

When is this happening?

Starting on February 10, 2022 MongoDB Servers running 3.4 in Cloud Manager will be unmanaged, meaning removed from Automation.

What does “unmanaged” mean?

It means Automation will no longer manage your MongoDB 3.4 deployments.

To use Automation in Cloud Manager after February 10, 2022, you must manually upgrade the cluster(s) and reimport the cluster(s) to be managed.


Unmanaged simply means removed from Automation, your MongoDB installation will not be impacted in any other way.

What are my options to prepare for February 10?

Upgrade your 3.4 cluster to a supported MongoDB Version (3.6 or later) before February 10 via Cloud Manager.

What about Backup and Monitoring?

Backup and monitoring are not directly impacted by this EoL. Any Monitoring or Backup features you use that depend on Automation provided services will no longer function after February 10 for 3.4 deployments. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • MongoDB log management,
  • Data Explorer,
  • Performance Advisor, and
  • Automated Restores.