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Create a Database User for Your Cluster

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You must create a database user to access your cluster. For security purposes, AtlasGov requires clients to authenticate as MongoDB database users to access clusters.

Database users are separate from AtlasGov users:

  • Database users can access databases hosted in AtlasGov.

  • AtlasGov users can log in to MongoDB Atlas for Government but do not have access to MongoDB databases.

Database users who authenticate with SCRAM must use SCRAM-SHA-256.

To add a SCRAM-SHA-256-authenticated database user to your cluster:


In the Clusters view, click Connect for the cluster to which you want to connect.

AtlasGov highlights the Setup connection security step.


You'll use this username and password combination to grant a user access to databases and collections in your cluster in this AtlasGov project.

To use a password auto-generated by AtlasGov, click Autogenerate Secure Password.


If you use special characters in your password, you will need to escape them later in the connection string that you will use to connect to your cluster. To learn more, see Special Characters in Connection String Password.



See also: Atlas documentation

To learn more about configuring database users or to add a user with an alternative authentication method, see Configure Database Users.

To connect and insert data into your cluster as a database user, follow the Atlas procedures:

  1. Connect to Your Cluster

  2. Insert and View Data in Your Cluster


See also: Atlas documentation

To import existing data from JSON or CSV files, see Load File with mongoimport.

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