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MongoDB Atlas for Government

Create a Project

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When you create a project, you are added as an Project Owner for the project.

To create a project for an organization, you must be either an Organization Owner or an Organization Project Creator.

You must designate projects for either standard or government (gov) region usage upon creation. You cannot deploy clusters across government and standard regions in the same project. AWS is the only cloud provider for AtlasGov.

To create a project for an organization:

  1. Select an organization for which to create a project from the Organizations menu in the navigation bar.

  2. Click the Leaf icon in the upper left corner of the page or expand the Projects menu in the navigation bar.

  3. Click New Project.

  1. Check Designate as a Gov Cloud regions-only project if you want to deploy clusters only to gov regions. Otherwise, you may deploy clusters only to standard regions.

  2. Click Next.

  1. For existing AtlasGov users, enter the email that the person used to register.

  2. For new AtlasGov users, enter their email address to send an invitation.



See also: Atlas documentation

To learn more about projects, including how to move and delete them, see Projects.

After you create a project, create a cluster in that project.

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