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MongoDB Atlas for Government

AtlasGov User Access

On this page

  • Create an AtlasGov Account
  • Account Limitations
  • Account Security
  • Organizations and Projects


This page covers MongoDB Atlas for Government user accounts. AtlasGov users are separate from database users. Database users can access MongoDB databases, while AtlasGov users can access the AtlasGov application itself.

MongoDB Atlas for Government is available by invitation only. To create a AtlasGov account, you must either:

  • Purchase a subscription and activate an account, or

  • Accept an invitation from an existing user in an existing organization.

To purchase and activate a AtlasGov subscription, see Subscriptions and Billing.

AtlasGov invitations are sent by email. To accept an invitation to an organization:


Provide the following information about yourself:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Password

  • Country

You cannot change your email address or the organization to which you are invited.



You must be an Organization Owner to invite users to your organization.

To invite a user to your organization:

  1. Select your organization from the dropdown menu in the top navigation bar.

  2. Click Access Manager in the left navigation column.


For each new user you want to add to your organization:

  1. Provide the email address of the person to invite.

  2. Select organization-level permissions to grant that person from the dropdown menu next to their email address.


Invitations are sent to the email addresses you provide. Your pending invitations are displayed in the Organization Access Manager.

If you want to revoke a pending invitation, click the icon next to that invitation.

  • You cannot register for an AtlasGov account through the login page or create an AtlasGov account using the API. You must receive an activation code from MongoDB Sales or be invited to an existing organization.

  • You cannot sign up or log in with third-party accounts, such as Google, GitHub, Apple, or Facebook credentials.

  • AtlasGov passwords expire after 60 days.

  • You can only change your password once each day.

  • When you change your password, you cannot use any of your previous 24 passwords.

  • AtlasGov requires that passwords contain:

    • At least 14 characters

    • Unique characters, numbers, or symbols

  • After 3 failed login attempts your account is locked for 30 minutes, preventing further login attempts. You can contact support to unlock your account.

  • Your AtlasGov account is considered inactive and suspended if you do not log in for 90 consecutive days. If your account is suspended due to inactivity, reset your password to unsuspend your account.

AtlasGov ends your session after 15 minutes of inactivity, requiring you to log in again. You are prompted to continue your current session after 10 minutes of inactivity.

See the Atlas documentation to learn more about using Organizations and Projects to manage AtlasGov user access.

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