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Atlas CLI Changelog

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  • Atlas CLI 1.0.1
  • Atlas CLI 1.0.0

Released 18 August 2022

  • Adds support for the following platforms:

    • RHEL 9

    • Ubuntu 22.04

    • yum and apt using MongoDB version 6.0

    To learn more, see Install or Update the Atlas CLI.

Released 18 August 2022

  • Adds digital signatures for .exe binaries for Windows.

  • Adds digital signatures for .msi packages.

Released 2 August 2022

Released 16 June 2022

  • Sets the telemetry settings for mongosh when you change telemetry for the Atlas CLI.

  • Introduces the ability to install mongosh together with the Atlas CLI using a new meta-package for Linux package managers (apt and yum).

  • Automatically detects mongosh when you use the atlas quickstart command.

Released 13 June 2022

  • Improves the atlas quickstart command:

    • Prompts you to log in if you aren't already logged in.

    • Clarifies an error message when no regions are found for a given cloud provider.

  • Improves telemetry:

    • Tracks when you interrupt a running Atlas CLI command by using CTRL + C.

    • Tracks some previously untracked errors.

    • Enhances interactive input tracking.

Released 06 June 2022

  • Fixes login and setup display issues for Microsoft Windows users.

Released 02 June 2022

  • Adds telemetry data to track the choices you make at the following interactive prompts:

    • confirm (yes/no)

    • default output format

    • cloud provider region

    • choose a default organization

    • choose a default project

  • Updates the atlas setup with minor bug fixes and design refinements.

Released 20 May 2022

  • Adds two new commands for Atlas onboarding:

    • atlas auth register registers your Atlas account and authenticates from the Atlas CLI.

    • atlas setup registers your Atlas account, authenticates from the Atlas CLI, and creates a free cluster.

  • Adds telemetry to the Atlas CLI.

  • Adds the --currentIp flag to the atlas quickstart and atlas setup commands. --currentIp indicates whether to use the IP address of the host that is currently executing the command.

Released 28 April 2022

  • Improves atlas quickstart commands:

  • Makes minor improvements to the Atlas CLI documentation.

  • Adds an alias - as the standard output for the parameter --out for the following command:

Released 31 March 2022

  • Fixes a bug that caused the atlas config list command to show a default profile when a default profile doesn't exist.

  • Fixes an issue that prevented use of the completion command without credentials.

  • Adds improvements to the Atlas CLI login experience, including a flag to skip configuration when running atlas auth login.

  • Updates the error message the Atlas CLI shows when credentials are missing.

Released 16 March 2022

Fixes an issue with the alert for new releases.

Released 15 March 2022

This is the Generally Available (GA) release of MongoDB Atlas CLI.

Introduces the ability to use MongoDB Atlas CLI to manage MongoDB Atlas, including managing:

  • Projects

  • Clusters

  • Backup

  • Alerts

  • Metrics and monitoring

For a complete list of available commands, see .

To install this version, see Install or Update the Atlas CLI.

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