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Ian Ward

Product, SDKs & Sync - San Francisco, California

Ian joined MongoDB through the Realm acquisition in May 2019. Prior to that he was the first field engineer for startups, Meraki, Mesosphere, and Realm, and has several years of experience building and designing mobile application architectures. Now he does product for MongoDB, focusing on the SDKs and sync technologies under the Realm umbrella. In his spare time, Ian likes to sail, ski, and mountaineer through the Sierras.

Articles by Ian Ward


A Preview of Realm Flexible Sync

Flexible Sync lets developers start writing code that syncs data more quickly – allowing you to choose which data is synced via a language-native query and to change the queries that define your syncing data at any time.


Realm Meetup - Realm Kotlin Multiplatform for modern mobile apps

In this talk, Claus Rørbech, software engineer on the Realm Android team, will walk us through some of the constraints of the RealmJava SDK, the thought process that went into the decision to build a new SDK for Kotlin, the benefits developers will be able to leverage with the new APIs, and how the RealmKotlin SDK will evolve.


Realm Meetup - SwiftUI Testing and Realm with Projections

Jason Flax, Lead iOS Engineer, makes a return to explain how the testing landscape has changed for iOS apps using the new SwiftUI framework. Learn how to write unit tests with SwiftUI apps powered by Realm, where to put your business logic with either ViewModels or in an app following powered by Model-View-Intent, and witness the power of Realm's new Projection feature.


Realm Meetup - Realm JavaScript for React Native applications

In this event, recorded on June 10th, Andrew Meyer, Software Engineer, on the Realm JavaScript team, walks us through the React Native ecosystem as it relates to persisting data with Realm. We discuss things to consider when using React Native, best practices to implement and gotcha's to avoid, as well as what's next for the JavaScript team at Realm.


New Realm Data Types: Dictionaries/Maps, Sets, Mixed, and UUIDs

Four new data types in the Realm Mobile Database - Dictionaries, Mixed, Sets, and UUIDs - make it simple to model flexible data in Realm.


Realm SwiftUI Property wrappers and MVI architecture Meetup

Missed Realm SwiftUI Property wrappers and MVI architecture meetup event? Don't worry, you can catch up here.


Realm SDKs 10.0: Cascading Deletes, ObjectIds, Decimal128, and more

The Realm SDK 10.0 is now Generally Available with new capabilities such as Cascading Deletes and new types like Decimal128.


Realm Core Database 6.0: A New Architecture and Frozen Objects

Explaining Realm Core Database 6.0 and Frozen Objects

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