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Diego Freniche

Realm Mobile Developer Advocate - Seville, Spain

Started coding in BASIC and storing my programs in cassette tapes. Seen a lot of programming languages, I'm equally bad at all of them. Done a lot of training, especially Java, iOS (Objective C and Swift) and Android. Been developing mobile apps since 2010. Have a computer collecting problem. "I Love everything that heats silicon"

Articles by Diego Freniche


Document our Realm-Powered Swift Frameworks using DocC

Learn how to use the new Documentation Compiler from Apple, DocC, to create outstanding tutorials, how-tos and explain how your Frameworks work.


Realm Data Types

Review of existing and supported Realm Data Types for the different SDKs.


Adding Realm as a dependency to an iOS Framework

Adding Realm to a Project is how we usually work. But sometimes we want to create a Framework (could be the data layer of a bigger project) that uses Realm. So... how do we add Realm as a dependency to said Framework?

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