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AccuHit Introduces MongoDB Atlas to Drive Transformation and Enhance Global Competitiveness in the MarTech Industry

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Mastering proprietary data to enhance customer lifetime value

In an era where consumer experience is paramount, businesses first need to understand their customers through a Know Your Customer (KYC) practice. This enables them to accurately provide services that cater to customer needs. In the past, businesses would only gain insights into customer preferences after the initial transaction, relying on the accumulated information. However, with the advent of MarTech (marketing technology) in recent years, companies can collect most of their customer information prior to offering products or services. This is made possible by utilizing various technologies to gather customer browsing data from website visits, social platforms, etc.

Established in April 2018, AccuHit has created highly efficient and personalized precision marketing campaigns for enterprises across various industries through its self-developed MarTech solutions and utilized AI to develop innovative services. Accuhit not only contributes to driving the digital transformation, but also achieves the goal of 'mastering proprietary data and enhancing customer lifetime value.' This strategy has enabled the company to establish strong competitive advantages in the market. Currently, the company offers three major services: AccuCDP, a cross-channel customer data platform; AccuNIX Social CRM, a multi-community member management platform; and Accu3DM, a multi-source data management platform.

“With the advent of the digital economy, data has become a core part of how businesses understand and master market dynamics. AccuHit has always been at the forefront of innovation, continuously offering customers with the highest quality products and services. As the volume of data expands rapidly over time, we needed to introduce a second database to meet our operational needs. MongoDB Atlas, with its stability and reliability, is the best ally for AccuHit to manage vast amounts of data,” said Jason Lin, CEO of Accuhit.

AccuHit CEO Jason Lin and AccuHit Chief Cloud Architect Hock Wang photo.

(From left to right) AccuHit CEO Jason Lin and AccuHit Chief Cloud Architect Hock Wang


Rapid business growth and increasing customer demands require a modern data platform

AccuHit has achieved remarkable success in the global market, accumulating hundreds of medium to large-scale clients. The company's technical service team comprises more than a hundred employees, establishing itself as a preferred partner for numerous companies seeking to unlock data value and undergo technological transformation. However, amidst the rapid business growth, the company realized the traditional approach of using relational databases to handle data could no longer meet the diverse and flexible data utilization requirements.

“In response to the emerging technologies and customer demands, we will periodically add or optimize function modules to the three major product lines. However, due to the limitations of relational databases, it is challenging for businesses to add fields or label consumers according to their specific needs when using products such as AccuCDP. In addition, with the rapidly growing data volume, the backend maintenance workload becomes heavier. Therefore, we decided to adopt a cloud-native document database solution. While there are other NoSQL products available on three major public cloud platforms, those services can only be used on their respective platforms and do not meet AccuHit's business requirements. After considering factors such as multi-cloud support, system stability, and technical support capabilities, we ultimately chose to implement MongoDB Atlas and are currently using it on both AWS and Azure cloud platforms,” said Hock Wang, Chief Cloud Architect at AccuHit.


MongoDB Atlas: multi-cloud, secure and flexible

MongoDB Atlas is a document-based data platform that differs significantly from relational databases that the team was once only familiar with. To help educate the AccuHit team, MongoDB has worked closely with AccuHit to develop a comprehensive training program to help the development and operations teams better understand and grasp the characteristics of the new database.

After introducing MongoDB Atlas, AccuHit discovered that the product not only solved the existing problems but also brought forth many more possibilities for data processing. Firstly, MongoDB Atlas offers a flexible data architecture that allows AccuHit's services to quickly adjust and expand database structure to accommodate new feature modules, fulfilling the diverse data needs of members. Previously customers using AccuHit's services had little ability to customize fields or set specific labels based on their own requirements. Now, customers can customize fields through APIs and capture the data they need, significantly enhancing the data processing capabilities of enterprise members.

Secondly, MongoDB Atlas has excellent data integration capabilities, enabling AccuHit to overcome data integration and resource allocation issues. Previously, AccuHit had to merge two tables in MySQL to obtain user page views and event data. Now, the team only needs to store relevant data in MongoDB, allowing direct access to data fields and significantly improving data processing speed. Thanks to MongoDB Atlas's distributed architecture and automatic scaling feature, AccuHit can rapidly add nodes and resources based on data and traffic growth, ensuring high availability and performance of the system.

Hock Wang pointed out that MongoDB Atlas also offers robust security mechanisms, such as data encryption, identity authentication, and access control, ensuring data security during transmission and preventing unauthorized access. With MongoDB Atlas’s built-in monitoring and system alerts, AccuHit’s team can proactively attend to suspicious activities or anomalies, addressing potential risks promptly. Additional available features in Atlas like automated backups, allow the team to back up and recover data easily. In case of unexpected situations, the team can quickly restore backup data to prevent any impact on the company's reputation and members’ business operations.

AccuHit X MongoDB Atlas

Using MongoDB Atlas to expand AccuHit's AI technology

Considering factors such as member usage rights and data migration costs, AccuHit decided to adopt a strategy of coexistence between the new and old databases. Starting from June 2023, MongoDB Atlas will be the core platform of all new projects at AccuHit. At the same time, by utilizing the development model provided by MongoDB Atlas, the proportion of relational databases will gradually decrease on a monthly basis, with the goal of gradually reducing the overall operational costs.

MongoDB Atlas ensures efficient data storage and fast searches, providing a smooth and reliable experience. AccuHit is actively planning to build AI-based chatbots with MongoDB as the core database, as it delivers the capabilities for developers to build and scale AI applications easier and faster.

“After implementing MongoDB Atlas, AccuHit's has become more efficient in data processing and can quickly adjust the database architecture according to business needs, laying a solid foundation for the company's long-term development. In the future, we hope to engage in more innovative collaborations with MongoDB to provide more diversified services to enterprise users.”

Hock Wang, Chief Cloud Architect at AccuHit

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